We now offer DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY in Western North Carolina.  Currently we are using a DJI Phantom 4 Drone that delivers exceptional results in both still and video photography.  I am a licensed drone pilot with both the FAA and the Division of Aviation of the NC Department of Transportation.  We carry a one million dollar liability policy with Verifly, a company specializing in drone liability insurance.  

It is amazing how much difference drone photography can make in the presentation of homes to on-line buyers, or real estate agents viewing a new listing on MLS.  Often, here in the mountains, homes can be on rather steep slopes, and a picture of the front of the home is darn near impossible.  With a drone, (I call it my "flying camera") I can take a picture of the front of a home on a steep lot.  I can then use that photo in MLS, and on the real estate virtual tours we do for our real estate agent clients.  I can also take a video of a home, showing what surrounds the home from an overhead perspective.  The video can be incorporated with still  shots on virtual tours.  

Please click this link to see a short video example of photographing a home on a rather steep slope.  

Pricing on Drone Photography can vary depending on how many shots, still or video, also will we be doing a virtual tour on the property.  Please call for an estimate 828-734-1120.

Thank you !