Pricing on real estate photograpy can vary depending on the property,  and whether you want stills only for MLS, stills and a virtual tour, or drone stills or video for a virtual tour.  Please call or email and I will be most happy to give you an estimate.   Danny Pugh 828-734-1120 or email

Our Virtual Tours have a minimum of 24 shots, but are usually larger, especially for larger homes.  You will be notified by email when a tour is ready to be viewed and photos are ready for download.  From your client panel, you will see links to a branded tour, and unbranded or IDX tour (for MLS).  You will also have a down-loadable flyer with a QR Code, so potential customers can view the tour on their phones directly from your flyer.  You will have a down-loadable gallery with all photos in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.  Finally, if you have a YouTube account  and channel, we can send a video of your tours to your YouTube channel automatically for each tour.  Lastly, our tours do not expire.  They will remain active until the property is sold.

Please contact me directly on my cellphone if you have any questions: 828-734-1120  or email

Thank you for your consideration!